Right and Left formula no longer working


Something weird , I used it last week and all was fine, but now for some reason, the formula completely ignores the right and left Functions

In a Agg model, I have a grouping field (named transactionym. Format of field= text) that return data in this format YYYYMM Example: 202004 (April 2020) and i want to display it in a cleaner format (MM/YYYY)

So i used this formula: RIGHT({{{transactionym}}},“2”) + “/” + LEFT({{{transactionym}}},“4”) with a text return

At first worked well(last week), then tried other formats to test… and this week i come back to put it back in that format (even used page versioning) and nothing i do will amke it work again. The formula keeps returning this format: 202004/202004

So basically ignores the Right and Left Function.

I tried with only left or only right, still nothing

Any ideas?

Hey Dave,

I couldn’t replicate this behavior locally after a few attempts. It could be something (artifacting?) in the xml, but that is only a guess

Have you tried recreating the UI only fields? That’s usually easier/safer than taking apart the xml.

Hey Jacob, yes I did try to recreate the UI fields multiple times, and i know it’s probably something in the XML but cannot figure it out for the life of me, and the same table is also not allowing me to have field sort order, even though it’s in the XML for each table field

And this page too complex for me to recreate quickly… :frowning:

would it be possible to re-create the model on the same page without removing the original, or on a different page with just the fields you need for the UI only formula?

if it works in one of those cases the working UI only field could potential be used to overwrite the non-functioning UI only fields in the xml.

the other things i would recommend trying are using other functions (or just a field) in UI only fields on the model to see if its an issue with formula fields on that model.

if those ideas didnt work out one of us would probably have to see the page to be able to determine what is happening.