Rich Text Fields show HTML Markup on Skuid Page

I have a Rich Text field (“web_description”) on a Salesforce object, which contains formatting (bold, italic, etc.). When I insert that field into a “text” component in Skuid, it always renders the HTML tags. I’ve tried enabling HTML on the component, and I’ve tried double and triple curly braces, but no avail.

Here’s what my field’s contents look like in Salesforce:
This is a paragraph.
This is an italics paragraph.

Here’s how it renders in Skuid:
<p>This is a paragraph.</p><p><i>This is an italics paragraph.</i></p>

Is there any way to get the rich text to render as input?

Hi Yoni, have you tried putting your rich text field directly into a form / field editor component? That way it should be editable and also display as expected when not being edited.


  • What version of Skuid are you using?
  • Are you building in v1 or v2?

Let me know if this makes sense and if there’s any reason you can’t use a field editor / form here.


I’m using V2, Skuid for Salesforce. I put the field in a form and it worked perfectly, thanks!

Is there any way to hide the label of the field? I’m displaying this in a Deck and it should just display the value.

Hey Yoni, a quick way to fix this is to click on the field in the Composer and update the label to be just a space, ’ '.