Rich Text Editors Saving Issues

I am having an issue with Rich Text Editors when saving the record with the Rich Text Editor field being empty, the RTE field will break and not allow any interaction until a full page reload. This only happens when the Field Editor is “Edit” mode.

Steps to reproduce
– Load a Case model (Any Object, I use Case)
– Add A field Editor in “Edit” Mode
– Add 2 fields to the Page (1 non-RTE field and 1 RTE Field)
– Edit the record and save data to the Non-RTE field
– The RTE Field will now NOT allow interaction and is unusable until a Full Page Reload.

Yup - thar’s a bug…  I’ll pass it along. 

Ouch… that’s a rough one. It works when in Inline Edit mode but sticks out like a sore thumb when a field is clicked and a RTE pops open (clunky) and once completed with the RTE the field in read only mode does not display HTML friendly. I use these in quite a lot of places and when doing regular form entry with saves this is a nightmare.

Let me know when you guys might have a chance to investigate a fix and as always I am available to test anything you need.