Revised Idea: configurable columns

What if, instead of reinventing the wheel on column configuration on a table, you instead tweaked the tool you already have. Skuid page builder can already reconfigure columns. What if you created a new type of permission that would allow a user assigned that permission to access a mini page builder only to reconfigure a specific table or field editor and then save the updated page as a “personal page” that overrides the page assignment only for only that user. They wouldn’t be able to build or change models or add components or add CSS… They would only be able to update which fields display and what order they appear in tables and field editors. Maybe a button on live page component that, when clicked, opens up only that specific component in a “mini” Skuid page builder. Upon pressing the save button in the page builder, it would clone the whole page, add the changes from the component they updated in the “mini page builder”, save the updated clone page with the same name appended by the User’s ID, then create a page assignment for that user for their new “personal page”. Table and field editor components could have a new setting called “customizable”. If checked the live table or field editor would get a little button added to its footer allowing the user to access the mini page builder for that component only. Users could add/remove or move any field that exists in the model that isn’t required. Any field marked required could not be removed from the table or field editor. Users would not be able to add or remove fields from the models themselves. Just a thought… It is easy to have thoughts. It is much harder to build it! Thanks for your hard work!

Thanks for writing this up.  I’ve had similar thoughts when facing customer requests for a list view editor…

Yes, that is a great use case. The idea of mini page builder could be used for setting backgrounds, picking themes, setting page default font size, adding navigation items to a Nav component, etc… It would allow a high degree of user personalization out of the box.