Reusable groups/arrangements of skuid components

I’ve created several custom components for our org that are basically arrangements of skuid components that we’d like to be able to use again and again.

We can’t use page includes (see Barry’s idea) because the components need to reference different models, or models with different conditions, depending on the situation.

However, if I package components up using a custom component, there is no way for us to modify the standard skuid components within that custom component in the builder, without a bunch of custom properties that would change the layout on runtime (almost re-creating the skuid builder). What would be ideal is some kind of library of “component sets”, that we could drag onto a page, that would still allow us to use the skuid builder to modify components within the set.

On the other hand, if I define a skuid component via XML inside a custom component, is there a way to tell the builder that it is a skuid component? For example, I define a basicfieldeditor in XML as part of my custom component. Is there a way to communicate to the builder that this is a skuid Field Editor, and to treat it as such?

I know that we can create custom components that can receive skuid components inside them. Is there a way to pre-define some of the components that are inside, in such a way that the builder still recognizes them?


Along these lines…

Yes! I thought that idea had come up before. I just didn’t find “Most awesome idea ever” in my search. :wink:

Yeah I could’ve chose a more appropriate title! :slight_smile: