Retain paragraph formatting in Salesforce Text fields in Skuid V2

I’m having trouble getting text fields to retain the formatting present in Salesforce, namely page breaks. We have a number of notes fields in Salesforce and this formatting is important. Here’s an example of how a field is formatted in Salesforce:

And here is how the field shows up in Skuid V2:

Can I alter this field so that the page breaks are retained? When I click into the field to edit it through Skuid, the page breaks show up. It’s only in Read mode that they are not present, which is arguably when they are most important.

Wanted to bump this to see if there is any news on the horizon. 


This looks like a V1 to V2 feature-parity issue and as of right now I’ve been unable to discover a use-able workaround.

It’s been reported to our product team for analysis. If and when it’s added to a future version of Skuid we’ll update you here. I’ve also added you to a list of affected clients. 

Has there been any update on this?

Hi Tom, I believe there were some fixes added since this post, which release are you working in? If you have examples of this still happening please let us know and we can research it further. 

I am working on 12.4.5 (I think the most recent update).  When I add a text field and insert a long text merge variable, the formatting with the line breaks is lost.  Let me know if I can use a different component