Retain child record's for the master rec. on clone page

Model failing to get all child record on cloned record. Parent record is creating manually with multiple child (Assume 10 child record’s exist. Child records are creating based on field value which is a self-lookup to the same object, have mater-detail relationship b/w child and parent object, child record’s will be added with existing record’s after every update on self-lookup field). After cloning the record i am not seeing all the child record’s which are associated with parent.(out of total 10 record’s seeing only 5 which are related to the current self-lookup field)

‘Save’ button Actions on clone page:

  1. Saving changes in models
    2.Redirect to URL

Model’s in clone page:

Master record:

Cloned Record:

In the above cloned record seeing only 3 record’s out of 9 record’s from parent.
Tried with model changes and other steps from skuid community but no luck.

Hi Kailas,

I was not able to reproduce this problem on Skuid 9.5.1. Are you still experiencing this? You may have already seen this document, but I wanted to verify that you have tried the troubleshooting guide:

Hope this helps put you in the right direction.


Hi Khamla,

No worries, that requirement got changes and deployed to production. Thanks for your reply