REST Model : Data not loading for a User, As a System Admin, table loads fine


I have a REST Model, which gets data from a REST resource APEX class, which send a wrapper list in return.

When I run the page as System Admin login, it loads data fine.

But for some testing user, it doesn’t show any data on page load, also on console the model data is empty for that user, when changed the filters, got an error saying “Filter Could not be applied”

Any ideas/suggestions on how to troubleshoot this one ?

Does user have “API Access” in thier user record? 

Yah Rob, User has.

But what happened is that (In Network tab on Console showing the Apex Class has no access) the profile has no access to the REST Class.
So I gave access to the class and solved the issue.

Thanks for your reply though. I will add it too for my check list.
It might help us while deploying.