REST Data Source Page Load Event

I checked the previous support question that were answered including the above.

I would like to enable some UI only checkboxes upon page load from a REST data source.
I understand the Jquery page load event and can tinker with the HTML/XML. But I would prefer to use SKUID snippet like this:

&nbsp;(function(skuid) {<br />$('&#46;nx-page')&#46;one('pageload',function(){&nbsp; &nbsp; <br />alert("Page Loaded"); })

But don’t know where to call this snippet.

Any suggestions?

It seems Javascript->Resource Location ->Inline (not snippet)  will apply the javascript upon page load. But this won’t run when the pagination is used. For example, I have 100 rows or 10 pages of data. When viewing the first page the inline javacode is called. When next page is clicked, the inline javascript is not run. It seems the only way to get it to work is to make the table component show all the rows.

Any suggestions?