REST Connection is returning row numbers instead of field names

I’m new to Skuid and am trying to setup my first connection. I have setup a Model Service to link to MuleSoft via the REST API. This appears to be working. I built a model to call the service and it successfully connects, but when I add parameters, something breaks and I lose my fields.

The issue seems to be with the Service URL I’m using. Here’s a screenshot of the fields I see when I use the service URL without the parameters: “/productscope”

When I add the parameters, it replaces the field names with numbers (see screenshot below), which I can’t tell what the count corresponds to. The count goes up to 68. There should be 27 fields and 46 records available in the API call. Service URL with parameters: /productscope?client_id={{client_id}}&client_secret={{client_secret}}&ProductNo={{ProductNo}}&ProductFamily={{ProductFamily}}&Supplier={{Supplier}}&PackageType={{PackageType}}&Grade={{Grade}}&UOM={{UOM}}

Any ideas would be appreciated.

Hi Chris,

Do you know structure of the JSON payload changes when you add in those parameters? It looks like something is changing about what the server is returning. If you send those requests with something like the Postman chrome extension, do you get data formatted in the same structure?

Hi Ben, I think the issue is with the way we structured the target data source.  Rather than querying a table directly, MuleSoft sends its query and parameters to a Stored Procedure, which then uses the parameters to query a table and return a list.  When Skuid checks the target with the parameters, it’s causing MuleSoft to send back an error message.  I’ll be meeting with our database team as I think they can set the SPROC to return a default value for the sample Skuid call.  I’ll update when we get to the bottom of it.