responsive page within included page in popup

I have created a popup that has an include page that is responsive.  I have set the popup width at 99%.  I have tried to put the Page Include inside a responsive component and no responsive component.  I have tried to leave the popup width blank with and without a responsive component.  The included page does not behave responsivly.  It puts a slider at the bottom of the popup.  What are the step to have the included page be responsive.

As I understand, you just want to get rid of the bottom-scrollbar in the page right?

The included page should be responsive. At least within the popup, which means if you resize the popup the page moves accordingly to that.

It seems, that the included page is wider than 99% of the screen width.
Have you tried setting the popup-size to 100%?

Otherwise you could try to set the overflow-x property to hidden on the page include component. That should remove the scrollbar, but hides all parts of the page that are too large. (Sometimes this is okay if only a few pixels are causing problems, but in general everything looks okay).

Do you maybe have some screenshots of the page?