Responsive Grid Background Image External Source

We have community Skuid pages that use an image that is hosted externally on one of our public web servers.  I originally created the pages with the background image of a responsive grid source set to external, then pasted in the url.

I am creating a new community page and I no longer see that option.  When I open my old community page that already has it on there, the page builder side doesn’t refer to my external image, but I could see in the xml that it is still referring to it, and it does appear still on the user side (thankfully.)

Has this option gone away from the page builder?


It hasn’t exactly gone away but how you get to it is a little different. You can still display an image from an external url by selecting Ui-Only as the datasource type. Then, choose URL as the image source and put your url in the Image URL property (you don’t have to have a model selected):