Required fields with Conditional Rendering are throwing a No Value error.

In Skuid I am marking fields as required. But also conditionally rendering them to only show up if the condition is met.  When I have done this on other pages the required field is only required if the field is conditionally rendered.  In this case the field is not rendering (like it should) but the save is not being allowed to take place because “Required fields have no value”.  Is there a new step or something I am missing to make Required fields only required if they are rendered?

Hi Rich~

Hmmm, this functionality should not have changed … I am unable to reproduce what you are seeing so I’ve got a few questions for you. Can you include a screenshot of how the field is getting conditionally rendered? Can you reproduce this using a standard Salesforce object and 2 standard Salesforce fields? What version of Skuid are you using?


Thanks Karen, I have conditional rendering on other pages with required fields and they are still working fine. So it is not across the board this this is happening. I have Skuid 8.1.1. I created a mass create wizard for tracking behavioral goals for clients with disabilities. Step 1 enter the last day of the month for the period data was collected. Step 2 review the parent object and the goals before creating children records Step 2a Create child records and save the new records by clicking a multi action button that runs a snippet saves the changes and moves to wizard step 3. Step 3 view the newly created child records in edit mode so monthly data can be recorded. Step 4 enter data into the required fields and save. Once I hit save I get this error. There are 3 goals and each goal has 4 questions a “Narrative” field and three Performance questions. The fields are effectively hidden or rendering as they should. Here are the screen shots showing how they are being rendered. Please excuse the small screen I am working on my iPad currently. Though confirmed the same issue regardless of pc/Mac/device. And the bottom half of that render You can tell I have it set to required in Skuid because of the red outline on the fields. But here is a screen shot as well. Thank you for your help.

I have a hypothesis.  I have 1 Field Editor that I am allowing to repeat for every row in the data model.  The result is each question on the form for collecting data is open in edit mode and looks more like a form.  Because the Field Editor is repeating for every row I think it is getting confused on which fields are filled out.  I.E. it is not viewing each field editor individually when determining if a field is rendered or not.  If the field is rendered in any of the field editors it thinks it needs to be filled out in all the field editors.

Field editor for row 1 may have a field that was not rendered.
Field editor for row 2 may have the same field that was rendered

Because it was rendered in row 2 field editor row 1 is also requiring it.

Is this an accurate hypothesis?  And any work arounds to be able to require fields in some but not other field editors?


That hypothesis is quite possible, especially since I’m assuming those rows are all connected to one model. One possibility is to create multiple models on the same object and pass the data to a final model that is specifically requiring the fields to be filled out.

Hope that helps … 

I’m encountering this exact same issue…field editor with repeating/multiple rows, and a required field that is only conditionally rendered. Sometimes it allows me to save just fine, but sometimes it throws the ‘Required Fields have no Value’ error message.

Rich - did you test out Karen’s suggestion or find any other workable solution?

Hi Conlan, I ended up going a different way. I just removed the required field checkbox. Sorry, I don’t have a better solution for you.