Required field css class removed from non-editable fields

Hello - 

Currently, if a field is required and not in edit mode, the css class “required” is explicitly removed from the element after the renderer has been invoked.

In the default theme, there is a default style for required on nx-fieldtext of border-right 3px solid red and the input element (for edit mode) has a style of border right 4px solid red.

In order to style the element in non-edit mode, a custom renderer is required as well as a custom class because required is removed after renderering.

Is there a reason that the required class is removed when not in edit mode?

For backwards compatibility, possibly just removing the “.required .nx-fieldtext” style (not sure where & how else this is used so might not be possible) and leaving the required class so it can be styled if desired without requiring a custom renderer and custom class?