Request Meeting Function in Skuid

Has anyone figured out how to include the “Request Meeting” function on a Skuid page?

Check out this Salesforce Stack Exchange post.

I was able to get it working with Skuid with one external resource and a small snippet.  Be aware that this method isn’t officially supported by Salesforce.

Newbie error… I loaded as a static resource named script.

What do I do with:
var contactId = ‘<>’; navigateToUrl(‘javascript:void%28SchedulingProposeMeeting.openAskForMeetingDialog%28%27%2Fscheduling%2FcreateMeeting.apexp%3Fid%3D’ + contactId + ‘%27%2C%20false%2C%20877%29%29%3B’,‘RELATED_LIST’,‘newproposemeeting’);

  1. You’ll need an external resource like this…

    Make sure the location is “External” and the resource url is just the url (no script tags).

    2. Then you need a button that runs a snippet like this…

    3. And finally, you’ll need a snippet like this…

    The content of your snippet should be something like this…

    var params = arguments[0], $ = skuid.$;

var contactId = skuid.model.getModel('MyContactModelName').getFirstRow().Id;<br>navigateToUrl('javascript:void%28SchedulingProposeMeeting.openAskForMeetingDialog%28%27%2Fscheduling%2FcreateMeeting.apexp%3Fid%3D' + contactId + '%27%2C%20false%2C%20877%29%29%3B','RELATED_LIST','newproposemeeting'); 

You need to make sure that you put in the name of your contact model instead of ‘MyContactModelName’.  Also I want to re-iterate that although this is possible to do, I haven’t tested it thoroughly and it’s not officially supported by Skuid or Salesforce.  Have fun though :slight_smile:

It works! Thanks Ben!