Repro Approval History related list

We are implementing our first approval workflow in SF and want to release this object in a Skuid page right out of the gate so our users know no other way.  I’ve followed the example page here (…)  but I end up with a list of records that just have users and status - nothing like the native SF related list, where the approvals are grouped under a step name, and the open approval is listed at the bottom.  Is there a way to get closer to this look?

We have not attempted to create a view of approval history that replicates the standard layout.  It would be a cool challenge though,  requiring some creating thinking… 

An Idea that does come to mind is to create a table on the Steps,  that shows the step name and approval status. 
Then put a drawer under each step that shows the detail approval items that go in each step. 

I can’t tackle today,  but maybe in the next week I’ll have an hour to get this done. 

Sounds great.  For the life of me, I can’t find the step description - the text that is highlighted in Green on the native RL, that actually describes what the user is approving.  If you can point me to that, I can continue to play around with it.  Thank you!!

Getting warmer… the “step name” as I describe it is the
ProcessInstanceNode Name.  That wasn’t an object I was connecting to before…

You might not see it,  but I’m cheering madly from the sidelines…  Go Go GO!!!

Hey Rob, I wasn’t successful in getting this to work.  We put on the backburner but now need to have this for an upcoming release, so I am hoping you’ll have an hour to give this a shot now.

2 acceptable methods that we’ve looked at:
render the SF native Approval related list using a Visual Force page presented via a template iFrame.  We’ve gotten the approvals to display, but the Approve/Reject links don’t work.

Completely re-do approvals using the Table to represent the nodes and a drawer to show the approvals (or something like this.)  New Skuid buttons to trigger the actions: submit, reject, etc.

Our preference is to do the Skuid version.  So, if you can help us solve this problem, it would be great.

Thanks!  Chandra

Chandra has laid down the gauntlet.  I’ll take a stab.  But it may be a few days until I get anything up here. Stay tuned. 

any update on this!  we are hastily adding an approval process for Opportunities and want an easy way to see the history and add the approve/reject links somewhere on the Skuid page!

Dunno if anyone is still following this topic.  Here is a link to page xml for a Case Approval process which you should be able to copy into your org and mess around with.

Hello Rob, 

I am using the Case Approval Process xml for my own custom object. Does “Request Approval via process” call the current active approval process to perform the approval process? Also, I have a custom object which already has a approval history (can be seen in the standard salesforce page). I cannot see the existing approval history in the skuid page that I tweaked a little to get data from my own custom object. Any suggestions why can’t I see the approval history in skuid?