Rendering Page Titles According to Model Name

This could be an easy one for someone out there, I’m trying to use the Render Conditions on Page Title Properties within a report with tabs.

When The user clicks on LEADS OWNED BY Bob Rogers, only that page title should render.

When the user clicks on the ALL LEADS tab, the LEADS OWNED BY All Users should render and the other page title, LEADS OWNED BY Bob Rogers sould dissappear.

Is this possible? I tried but no luck…

Thank you!


You will need to track the tab that’s currently clicked for this to work. I recommend creating a boolean UI-Only field on a model with only one row (you can use a UI-Only model if you’re on Brooklyn).

Next, in your tab actions, add an action to “Whenever Shown” to update this newly created UI-Only field to true when “All Leads” are clicked, and false when “My Leads” are clicked (or vice-versa). Then in your page title rendering conditions, you can condition each of the page titles based off of this new UI-Only field value.

Good luck!

Thank you!