Rendering a lookup field as a picklist and have it become the default value

I am trying to render a lookup field and have it render as a picklist.  I am getting the record I want returned but I have to click on the arrow for the picklist to select it, even though it is the only record returned.  Is there a way for the record to automatically become the selected default value?

If you mark the field as Required, then the first record returned will be automatically selected.

It looks like I am getting two records returned with one being blank.  Not sure what that is happening.  Is there any way to strip the blank out so the record with the data becomes the default value?

Add a condition to the model in which these records come from to not allow blank values for the lookup field.

You could also add a condition on the reference field filter that does not allow blanks.  (Though that may be what Pat is referring to using different language)

yup. same deal. 

Thank you gentlemen.   I did get it working and I appreciate your assistance.