Render table row even if a row is empty

Hi -

I am very new to Skuid (as in 24 hours new) so I apologize if this is covered somewhere in a tutorial that I cannot find.

We have a custom object for the sales team to collect data on a pre-determined list of categories. We use it as a “checklist” of sorts, to guide the rep through the process, so we want to show the full table and each product category even if there is no data. I’ve attached a screenshot for how we currently have this set up inside a custom Visualforce page. As you can see, there is no data but showing our defined cat list and allows the rep to enter a new record where empty.

Can you provide me some guidance or point me to a tutorial if it already exists, on how I would go about setting up this structure in Skuid? Thanks very much.


This is an interesting challenge. 

If you could guarantee that NO product category records were there - it would be easy.  On page load (or some other action) run a sequence of action framework steps that creates the new records in the correct category. 

If you could guarantee that ALL product category records were there - it would be easy.  Just query the records and put the checklist questions in your table .

But the mix and match conditionality is tough.  I think you’ll need to go to javascript for this.  You’ll have to use the javascript API to look at the rows in your model. If the product category is found - the existing record can be displayed,  but if the catoegry is missing a new record is created. 


Thanks Rob! I appreciate your reply and will keep you posted on how we solve this.

Just wanted to give an update. I accomplished this using the parent-child relationship functionality. Pretty cool, thanks!