Render Tab to Certain group of Users

Hello, I need to show one tab only to a set of User.Can you please tell me how can we render our tab in Skuid Page to be displayed for Certain group of user only? Thanks.

What is the criteria you are using to determine the “set of User”? The User’s Profile? The User’s Role? A combination of fields on the User object?

No Actually what i want is to show the tab only to 3 users(Hard Coded basically) Only they should be able to see that tab. Hope this makes Sense !!!

Please reply ASAP as needed this.Looking ahead for an quick response.

You can use conditional rendering to hide the tab,  but that will not make the data secure.  But it will make the presentation more elegant. 

1. Create a CurrentUser model that retrieves the ID of the current user  . 
2. Create a render condition on the tab,  so that it only displays when the ID in the CurrentUser model is within the group of ID’s specified. 

Note - you will need to use the 18 character ID in the multiple condition values. 

Recognize that we’d reccomend filtering based on profile,  or group, or some other more easily maintainable model.  But if you are going to hard code things,  this is how you’d do it. 

Thanks for the reply. Worked for me… :slight_smile:

Rob, how would this be done at the profile level? 

Sounds like that is even easier – and exactly how I would like to render several components on one of my pages…

And which object would that be – UserProfile? User? I think I had tried setting something like this up before, but ran into a few problems … (likely missing something simple.)


We reccomend breaking functionality out by profile.  To do this you create two skuid pages and use page assignments to give one page to each profile.  You probably also want to create another reocrd in page assignments for “Org default” .   For more details follow this tutorial:…

Ah, this makes sense – not the answer I had hoped for, but certainly the most effective. Thanks!

So, if I decide to skip using record types… how would I create a model pull in the current user’s ID or current user’s profile for use in rendering?

Going to aim for record types, but am curious as to how this workaround might work. Thanks!

Pat you want to create a model with the SObject being “User”, and the condition on the model being: Where User Id is UserInfo of page viewer → UserId.
Hope that helps.

Fantastic! Thanks Moshe.