Render/Style Variant Conditions Failing After Requerying Models Action

Defect/Issue Description:
Render + style variant conditions are failing on some parts of my table after re-querying the model as part of an action sequence.


  • API Version: v2
  • Release: Dubai
  • Release version: 15.1.3
  • Platform: Salesforce

Brief Summary of the Defect/Issue:

My table looks lovely with a few buttons that I’ve added render conditions to. All is well when the page is first loaded. When the model is queried as part of an action sequence, the conditions fail (tried using render conditions and style variant conditions), and a UI-only field I’m using as the text on a button within a button group doesn’t update with the new value that should be showing after requerying the model.

Action Performed:
requerying the models

Expected Result:
conditions should have worked the same way they did when the page initially loaded

Actual Result:
conditions didn’t work

Additional Resources:
Loom walkthrough of issue here


No response or acknowledgment of this issue :frowning: ?

Is there a different way to get support on a bug?