Render reference field as picklist and "None" option is being saved

When a reference field rendering as a picklist with a “None” option the field is saved even though no option should be chosen. This seems to be a bug since updating to Brooklyn. Has anyone experienced this issue?

Tami, what value is saved into the field when the “None” option is selected? I’m not seeing this issue but it might be because I don’t know how to reproduce it. Are you able to reproduce the issue on a standalone page with standard objects so anyone can see if they have the same issue?


The reference field “Override Billing” looks up to a customer address object. It renders as a picklist showing all the address associated with a given Account. By default “–None–” is displayed (meaning nothing is selected). If I save the model with the default option a new blank field will be created in the customer address object. This only started after the Brooklyn update.

What do you mean a new field gets created? A new customer address object record is created with no fields filled out?

Is this happening for records already in the database or only new records?

If it’s only happening for new records can you try checking the condition of the model? Model conditions will determine the default value for fields when creating new records in that model.

However if you’re saying new lookup records are getting created, for an object that isn’t a model object that is strange behavior. Do you have any actions that are creating records?


Which version of Brooklyn are you on?


Hmm, I’m still unable to reproduce the issue. Could you answer Shmuel’s questions above? I think they’ll help us gather some more information.