Render a field as editable in a table

I have added a column(Description) in a table which is read only by default.I want to make this field editable whenever a particular row is selected(a select row column is added on the table and whenever this checkbox is selected,we need to make the Description field editable on that row)

A few ideas:

1. Use a popup
2. Use edit row action
3. Use a row drawer
4. Use custom renderer and set editable based on “some” event - would need to explore

Just off the top of my head as options to consider.

That’s pretty much your options… 

We need to do something very similar.  How can we make a field editable in the Table when the Row Mass Action checkbox is selected?   Is this possible? Are there any examples out there? 

In our case, the Table presents the user with all of the Services offered by a Department.  The user checks the box (mass action) for each row (service) that they want to add to their Project.  They would then be able to add a value to the Quantity column.  

I am looking for some guidance on how #4 above might work.  Could checking the Mass Action Checkbox be considered an “Action” that could trigger a renderer to make the Quantity field editable for that Row?

I would like to see that as well!