Removed field from model, still getting error message that model can't find field

Hi. I deleted some fields in Salesforce and after removing them from my model, I’m still getting error messages saying that the model is requesting the fields and cannot find them.

I’ve searched the xml for the deleted field names and they’re not there. I’ve also copied and pasted the xml into a new page with the same result. I’ve also cleared the browser cache, etc.

Any ideas out there about what might be going on? Thanks!

In your duplicate page, you could delete each component one by one until the page works. Then you will be able to identify the component(s) that is(are) causing problems. You can do the same for conditions and actions of models.

Aha! Thank you, Raymond.  

>> I had a page include and the included page happened to have a model of the same name as the parent page that was giving the error. The error just appeared to be coming from the top level page model.  

I’ll have to keep that in mind in the future. And thanks for the elimination tip, I had completely dismissed the Components as a possible culprit.