Remove "sticky" behavior of an open modal when redirecting to a URL from an open modal

I have a community with multiple pages that have modals that prompt users to confirm selections before redirecting to other pages. After the redirect, the page that the user landed on is ‘stuck’ like an modal open exists, and if you press ‘ESC’ then the page returns to normal. After lots of troubleshooting, I found that I need to use the ‘Close Modals’ action before the URL redirect, or my new page gets stuck. This was happening on Chrome, and on mobile devices (iPads and iPhones).

It’d be great if the redirect wiped out any open modal behavior without explicitly closing the modal (or all modals) first). With the modals closing first there is a weird moment when the screen reverts from the pop-up form back to the original before the redirect that doesn’t look smooth.

Further info: Close All or Close Topmost both appear to work - and in this use case I have two layers of modals - the original pop-up and then the confirmation screen pop-up.