Remove Salesforce Inline Help Text

Hello where i have that option to select whether or not to show the standard Salesforce Inline Help Text for fields that have Inline Help Text defined. As i don’t want to show it for some fields. Hoping to get quick reply. Thanks. Arpit

Starting in Skuid Version 3.1 the field editor allows you to set this property on every field. Select the field and then review the properties in panel. See image below.

Hello Rob, In my field editor i am not getting this Option i.e. check box for Show inline Help. I am not sure why it is not showing it.

Arpit - Check what version of the Skuid package you are running. Update from the App Exchange or from Get the Latest Skuid Releases & Everything That Came Before to get the latest version that has these features.

Arpit, this option only shows up for fields that actually have Inline Help Text defined in salesforce. If there is no help text for this field, the option is not shown, as there is no need.

In my Skuid Page it is not showing that option. But i think queue option is just added in summer 13 release of skuid,as it is showing me that to use so i think it should be updated automatically. Thanks

@Rob Hatch @ Zach McElrath Is there any way for us to show that inline help as link which will route / pop up a page with big defninitins.

@Rob Hatch @ Zach McElrath if any js required, would you be able to share if you already have

Vijay - here is a post that describes calling a Skuid popup from javascript.

I think this will bet you started… 

@Rob Hatch I have to make it for inline help. Please refer attach fr your reference.  Here inline taking salesforce field level inline help which we provide in salesforce.  But we need to show it as link which will expand as pop up. 

refer your attach that you already shared, where inline help check true