remove row from model without flagging for deletion and saving.

I am working on a skuid page that creates many new salesforce objects at once. This was started before the functionality that was just added to roll back data on an error, so I am using an apex webservice. I have a row in a table that I wish to remove during a snippet triggered by flagging a row for deletion. Is there a way to remove that row from visibility and the model it’s on without saving the model? Thanks.


I think that the abandonRow prototype method of skuid.model.Model would work for this. Tables listen for changes on their models, so once that row drops out of the model, it should drop out of the table too.

Thanks J, I’ll give it a try!

Sure thing! Let us know how it goes and thanks for being a part of our community!

It worked great. Really looks good on the page having the rows disappear without needing any confirmation from the user.

Hi Michael,

How did you make the js run on the model load?


I figured it out. Thank you!!

Hi Kalyan,

Could you please let me know how you have deleted the rows from Model. I want to remove a row from Model where row field consist a field with null value. Would be appreciated if some one could help me out here …