Remove Decimals from SUM Column Summary

Is there the ability to remove decimal places from column summaries using a java snippet or other means?  I have a table which I am using a java snippet to remove decimals from the field values, but for the column summaries, the decimals display as I was not able to locate a place to associate the java snippet with the column summary.

Fairly certain you can accomplish by overriding the field metadata to the decimal display you’d like.

I am pretty new to Skuid, is there a guide somewhere on how to override field metadata?

Sure thing. Click on the field in the model that is being summarized in the table.

Worked like a charm, thank you!

yw :wink:

Hello, can this be done with aggregate models? 


Create a Formula field and change the decimal places to be what you want.  You can reference your aggregate using merge syntax like this ->  {{sumAmount}}