Remember user's table filters, sorting, search and pagination

Looking for something similar to the “remember user’s last tab” tab set property but for the filters and sorting applied to a table.  Right now, if I activate table filters then refresh the page, the filters are all reset.

Hi Will.

If you select the filter you created in the Table you will see the Filter Properties where you select the Filter Type, Model Condition to Effect and just below is “Remember last-selected filter value in cookies” checkbox. Check that and you are good to go.


Gregg is totally right.  There is a setting for remembering the filter setting on the page from session to session. 

However the following properties are not remembered. 
- Interactive sort order applied by the user (The defautl is restored)
- Search terms used to filter the table
- Pagination location

Remembering these things throughout a session is defintely on our roadmap. 

i should have mentioned that the tables are added to the page via include.  it looks like the “remember last-selected filter value in cookies” doesn’t work in that scenario.

is that correct?

You are correct Will.  In that scenario the filter selection is not being remembered.  I believe we need to fix that.  I’ll pas it along. 

Just wanted to bump this (really old thread) and see if it was now possible to save the “Interactive Sort Order applied by the User” - is there a way for Skuid tables to remember what they previously selected so they don’t have to re-sort every time they come back to the page?