Remember user's last tab no longer working for us

We have been using “Remember User’s last tab” from the beginning of our implementation. Over the last little while I have heard a couple people complain that Skuid is no longer remembering their selected tab or subtab. I tried it out today and I am getting the same behavior. I clicked on my tabs and they are still checked to remember. But when I load a new client/account it defaults to the first tab. I don’t know exactly when this stopped working but it has been for a few months at least. Any ideas?

What is the “personalization model” setting for your pages.  (Page properties).  Swap them back and forth between server and client side and see where you get the best results.  We introduced server side personalization in the Banzai release - which is when things may have changed in your org. 

That did the trick. It seems to prefer client-side on my particular page with tabs and many subtabs. Thank you for the help!