Reload a Lightning Component from Actions done on a SKUID Page

Perhaps I am overlooking this, but I can’t find anything on how to reload a standard lightning component (i.e. related list) from a SKUID lightning component in which I am performing an action (creating a record that would end up on that related list). Wondering if this is possible natively?

Use the “Publish Event” action to fire the “force:refreshView” event. Make sure to set “Publishing Scope” to “All Skuid Pages and Lightning Components”. If this doesn’t work the first time, refresh the Page Composer and make sure that your settings “took” — sometimes the “Publishing Scope” if you make a change to the Event Name property.

Also, there is a feature on Models under “Advanced” called “Auto-sync with native Lightning Components” which does this automatically in response to Model saves / queries — as well as the reverse behavior, of listening for Lightning events and automatically re-querying the selected Model. Depending on what you’re trying to do, I’d recommend trying that feature first before using the Publish Event.

Zack, thank you for the response. Is this a new Spark feature or is it available in Milau?

This worked perfectly. Thank you Zack.

Wishing safety to you, your family, and the SKUID family during these trying times.

Thank you Nicholas, to you as well! 

“Publish Event” with ability to publish Lightning Application Events has been around since Millau Update 2 I believe.