Relationship hyperlinks should ideally appear only if you have permission to go to the record

When I have a record with a lookup field to other objects, the normal way of showing the lookup field is to include the reference field on the layout. In standard SF, you will see the name of the related record and it will have a hyperlink to that related record. When you click on the link, if you don’t have permission to access the record, you get an error paged telling you so. This is a real annoyance to users in complex environments, as they can never tell which record the can and can’t see until trying to click on it.

However, I’ve noticed that with Skuid, instead of seeing the name and a (unusable) link, you will not see the name of the related record at all; The field will be blank to the user. This is annoying, too, because that piece of information can be quite important. For instance, I need to see the name of the related person, even if I’m not allowed to see all of that person’s details. I tried to remedy this by creating a formula field in SF and a template field in Skuid which has a manually-created hyperlink, but then of course the user still gets an error message just like in standard SF.

Ideally I shouldn’t have to deal with either of these problems. It should work such that, when a user can see the data in a relationship field but does not have permissions to pull up the related record, the user should see the field’s data (normally the related record’s name), but the hyperlink wouldn’t be rendered for that particular field at that time. Thus the current user would only get hyperlinks for the records that they can actually go to.