Related list for Skuid Mobile

Hello All!

I’m currently working with a client that would like to view related list at the account and contact level.

As of now i have created a button and when clicked a pop up panel will appear showing the data. The problem is the customer would like to have to do less clicks in order to accomplish the request

Ideally the client would like to have visibility as you would have with a normal related list. I mentioned that there is a lack of room to replicate a list view.

Overall goal is less clicks, they don’t like the fact you have to click the button and then have a panel pop up.

The client would like to have related list detail at the account detail page withOUT additional clicks.

You can include a second deck in your account panel that will show the contents of the related list model.  It will iterate over the model and show a card for every entry.  The data in each card can be editable,  or click events can be used to open another popup with further detail about the related item.

Then with some CSS you can adjust the height of the rows and borders so that this deck of cards looks more like a table.  

Unless the related list has hundreds of records - your client is right.  Showing the list in the same space as the Account information is the right thing to do!