Related Aggregate Reports

Within an Account details record is it possible to include an aggregated report of a related custom object? I have a custom object called Orders (look-up relationship with Accounts)…I would like to show an orders aggregate report within an Account form Group By (Products) Sum(Sales) Max(Invoice Date) Product_abc $10,000 07-07-2013 Product_def $8,000 02-04-2011 thanks

Yes, this is totally possible. What you do is add an aggregate type model on your page with a condition where Account__c (the account lookup field) = a field from another model, the Account model on that page and then just select the aggregations you want and the grouping field you want and drag them all into a table component. (You can see step by step instructions with pictures in the aggregate model tutorial in that link above.) Here’s an example I whipped up on our custom Statements object. The aggregate table is on top, and you can see that it’s taking statement information from the table below, & aggregating it and grouping by related Contact. Let me know if you run into any difficulties! You can click here for more info about creating an Account detail page using Skuid.