Regex too complicated

I have been experiencing the skuid regex issue when I try to access the skuid view of a salesforce record. I use the visualforce page wrapper around the skuid page. All the users who have the skuid license have the access to the visualforce page wrapper. This issue is being experienced by only few users in our org. We checked our logs and could not find anything. Please see attached screenshot about the issue. It would be great help for us if we know more about the reasons for this issue.

I found this forum post that is related - not sure if any of the comments pointed out could be true in your page.

Also this one:

So for certain users, if you have a model that is passing records for processing (snippet, apex) and your model should have a reasonable amount of records because you have put a condition or two on it, maybe your users don’t have access to the field that is referenced in your condition, so therefore they are seeing ALL records, so whatever you are processing is reaching a limit.

So, on your models, check the conditions to ensure that all your users have access to the fields that are referenced in your condition.