Refused to set unsafe header :"User-Agent” in loop

Facing this error in loop while creating a row in  a model - Refused to set  unsafe header :"User-Agent”.  Please help.


Is the row being created anyway or does it not let you create the row?
This could be related to browser version or which browser you’re using. Is this on chrome only?

I’ve found an article about that:

In this article, SF asks to update the browser version.

I hope this helps,



I am currently using Chrome Version 55.0.2883.87 m. 

This error has been appearing since quite some time however now on a particular page on creation of a new row in a model the page load time has increased drastically with the error appearing multiple times( above 300 times).

Hi Janick,

Can you please suggest some work around to avoid this error. i really need this to work.


Hi Anand,

to be able to reproduce the issue, could you send the XML or make a video of you doing the steps when the issue occurs?

Also, could you check on what Version of Skuid you’re on?