"Refused to set unsafe header" Javascript error

I get this Javascript error on load of every Skuid page, even ones that ship with the tool like PageList: Refused to set unsafe header “User-Agent” I’m using Chrome. Any idea what’s causing this?

This is actually not a problem, it has no negative effects on the behavior of Skuid Pages — it’s caused by some internal Salesforce code that gets run whenever Skuid is accessing the Web Services API via the Ajax API. Skuid accesses the API sparingly, only using it when there is no other way to retrieve needed metadata, such as the set of Picklist Values valid for a particular Record Type, and for obtaining Picklist Dependencies, or for retrieving Tab metadata (but this last one will soon be removed now that Salesforce is providing this data natively in Apex in Winter 14).

OK, gotcha. The main thing is, it’s not of my doing. :slight_smile: