refreshSubtabById() console method usage from skuid page

I have wrote the following code in an inline java snippet to refresh another sub tab, while this page is loading in another tab

sforce.console.getSubtabIds( null, function(result){ if(result.success){ for(i=0; i<result.ids.length; i++){ var tabId = result.ids[i]; sforce.console.getPageInfo(result.ids[i], function(result){ if((JSON.parse(result.pageInfo).objectId).startsWith("003")){ //sforce.console.refreshSubtabById(***id***:String, active:Boolean, (optional)callback:Function, (optional)fullRefresh:Boolean) sforce.console.refreshSubtabById(tabId, false, function(result){ console.log('Contact Tab refresh-->', result); }, false); } }); } } });

Code is executing perfectly fine and in the console.log statement it is returning false. While reading regarding the method refreshSubtabById(), understood that this method won’t work on external pages and Visualforce page (…).

Does any one have ever implemented a workaround for this. If so, please guide me.