Refresh table when clicking on a chart

Hello! I’d like to click on a chart and have a table that is using the same model be updated. I tried adding an on-click action to a series on my chart and activating and setting a condition on my model, but it fails to update either the visualization or the table. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance! Eulogio

Most likely you are not passing a good value to your condition.  Take a look at this forum post that describes the values available in merge syntax to pass into your condition.

I often add a “block ui and show message” action in my sequence with the merge syntaxt I am using to pass into a subsequent step in order to ensure I’m actually getting the values I want. 

One complication in what you are looking to do is that once the table is filtered down,  there is not a good way to reset the condition within the chart.  You’ve drilled in,  but now are stuck in your hole!  Options:
- Make the table open in a popup, and adding actions to a “cancel” button that disactivates the condition and requieries the model.
- Add a global action to the table that refreshes the table.  
- Put the chart / table combination in a wizard with the “back” button in the drilled down wizard step bound to the disactivation / requery combination.  

Thanks Rob, yeah you’re right it looks like I was passing invalid values to my condition. The “block ui and show message” advice was very helpful :slight_smile:

Hi Eulogio,

Can you please share code of skuid page that will refresh table on click of chat?


Sorry, there isn’t any code it was all just “point and click”. I basically followed the guide here: Page Not Found — Skuid v15.1.6 Documentation I then added a “block message and show ui” action to show what input I was passing on to my condition filters. Hope this helps!