Refresh tab count

I have a tab set with a count label referencing a model. How do I make this refresh when additional rows are added to each of the models. I can do it for a table, just not for these tab labels?

Check out this post:

Thanks, how is this added in.  For example, I have javascript to refresh the model at intervals - can I add this line into here?  Where exactly would it go?

(function(skuid){    var $ = skuid.$;
        var myModel = skuid.model.getModel(‘teaminbox’);
        var waitTime = 3000;
        setInterval(function() {
        }, waitTime);

I would assume that you could add it right into this script but I don’t write much code, so I’m not sure the best place/format to put it.

In the upcoming Brooklyn release, global merges, such as {{$}} will automatically update when the number of records in a Model changes. This will cause the number of records you’re showing in your Tab labels to automatically update when the number of records in the Model whose data is shown in a tab is changed.

Any idea when this might be released?

Brooklyn will be GA in November.