Refresh Primary Tabs from Service Console

We have implemented the solution and all is well, except that when we click the little black arrow in the Service Console and select, Refresh Primary Tabs, None of our SKUID pages refresh. If we have open a variety of pages, some skuid and some not, we can tell the non-skuid pages refesh. We are not doing anything out of the ordinary so is this a bug or are we missing something? Thanks in advance.

Just following up on this. We added another Page, very simple with a single field, just for testing purposes. Added it to the console, and it opens but the Refresh Primary Tabs action in the console does nothing. Wondering if anyone is using the console and if they see this same behavior?

I am experiencing the same issue.  Did you ever find a resolution? If not, I will repost as new question.  Seems this got lost in the shuffle. 

Nope, nobody ever got back with me.

We use the “refresh” on the browser as a workaround

I use Command + R to refresh. It’s the fastest method I know of. I don’t see the Refresh Primary Tabs button anywhere in my console…