Refresh parent page models data from within page include

I need a way to refresh the parent page model that has the page include when I click a button within the Page Include. Or the opposite, I need to have a button on my parent page that can save Model data on a model within the page include. Can either one of these be accomplished? 

I have a page include within a tab that saves a chunk of data to the same Case record as the parent page but it is too large to be contained in the parent page. When I save the edits in the Page Include I need it to update “Refresh” the models on the parent page.

Has anyone accomplished this, I have not been successful using skuid.model.updateData();?

You can do this by referencing the model in the action framework in the page include. Or vice versa.

The trick is that the models listed to choose doesn’t include models from other pages. Doesn’t mean you can’t swap in the model name of your choosing in XML.

So create the action framework as if the model was on the same page. Choose a placeholder model name when adding the action in page builder. Save the page. Open the XML. Replace placeholder model name with the name of the model from the other page.

This will be very cool if it works. So from Models–Actions? or, from a button–Actions?

This tweak can be done in XML for either, but I don’t know enough about your page/schema to answer which is more appropriate for this requirement. :S

I did it from a Button action, works well. Thanks Pat

Sweet! Have you got the 20500 line page working? 

Not with 20500 lines, but I took one of my tabs set and made it an include. It had 7000 line alone so moving the edit and read only tab to includes got my base page down to 7000. Now that I know this trick above I will be moving a lot of popup creation/edit pages to includes instead of inline. Appreciate all your help, do you ever sleep? :slight_smile:

hehehehe… my job is pretty much all things Skuid nowadays. Used to be part of my day as I had a full time job, but I choose to do Skuid almost exclusively via freelance work working for myself. :smiley:

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I’m pretty sure that this is the part of the year Pat just wants to stay indoors as long as possible.  And what better way to pass the great white Canadian winter than do cool Skuid stuff! 

Yup. -11.2 farhenheit with the wind chill!

This helped me today! I also noticed that if the model names on the page include and in the parent page had the same name, no need to tweak the XML, although in some cases that might not be a good idea…