Refresh Field Medatadata (Dependent Picklist not updating with new selection)

I have Account Type as well as an Account Subtype dependent picklist.

I created a new option on the Subtype, and properly allocated it under its Type option. I’ve also made sure it’s on all Record Types for Account.

In Salesforce Classic view, I can see the new option just fine.

In SKUID, the new Subtype option doesn’t show up.

Is there some kind of a metadata refresh that needs to happen for SKUID to pick up the change? Why is it not showing up right away? What can I do to fix this? I’ve already tried emptying cache and hard refreshing the page itself.

(SKUID version: 12.1.7)


Mark, this is really non-intuitive, but you have to make a change to the parent Skuid Page in order to get the cache of picklist metadata for record types to update, as described in these posts:

We know this isn’t a good experience for an admin, but we have to aggressively cache this metadata in the browser in order to (a) avoid chewing up your org’s API calls, because the only way for Skuid to get this metadata is through the API (no Apex access) and (b) make pages that need this metadata load in a performant manner, because Salesforce doesn’t give us granular access to this metadata.

Thanks Zach,

This is good to know. As an added feature, could there perhaps be some sort of a button somewhere in the Config area that “refreshes” this metadata cache on all pages (similar to some of the other buttons there); that would make the process of changing field metadata and making sure SKUID is up to date with the latest metadata much more seamless.

Agreed, we are actually working on that very concept as part of a large-scale holistic metadata caching initiative.