Refresh entire page, not just Skuid model

Is there a way to have Skuid refresh an entire page instead of just a model? We have standard SFDC mixed in with Skuid but need the entire page (skuid model + SFDC fields) to refresh.

Do you want it to refresh automatically or when you press a button? 

If you want it on a button, you can use the action framework to refresh the page by selecting the “Go to URL” action and set the URL to the url of the page you want to refresh.

However, refreshing the models should refresh the fields on the models. You should be able to refresh everything without having to refresh the page and wait all that extra load time. 

To do it automatically you’ll need a in-line snippet with some javascript code

You can use the javascript snippet ’ document.location.reload() ’ to reload whatever page you are on. Insert it as a Javascript inline snippet and just paste that in directly.

You can have it run on a click of the button, or even as a model action to run after a change, such as a model saved, for example.

This did it! Thank you SO much for the help!