Refresh Detail Page when table records are added? (for rollup/summary fields)

Hi Folks - I have a lovely skuid page where I have Detail page (master) and a table (child) adding records etc.  The master object has several rollup fields that show summary information (counts and currency) is there a way when a record is added to the table and “saved” that the detail page above would auto refresh to display the rollup values?

Thanks for any help you can provide - much appreciated!

I think this community post has exactly what you need:…

Hey Rob - that really helped and one of my pages is working great…   however I have a Queue page that inserts the contents of another page that does the same thing… now when I add the “refresh” java script to the “inserted” page… the queue renders - but when I select an item from the queue - the detail page doesnt paint…  does the javascript have to be on the first page? which does not include the data models in the sub page.


If I understand the issue correctly, you’ll want that JavaScript in the detail page, either in a Custom Component or a method. This should ensure that it doesn’t try to run until the rest of the included page has been loaded. I can’t say for sure without looking at the pages specifically, but my guess is that JavaScript is bombing because it’s trying to reference things which don’t exist yet.