refresh button not refreshing correctly

Hi guys,
I created a receipt upload page on Skuid for SalesForce and included a refresh button so that after one of the entries in the queue was updated, the page could be refreshed and the field would move on to the next entry in the queue. However, when I hit refresh, the old entry remains until I hit refresh again, then it works.

I’m pretty new to Skuid, so any ideas would be greatly appreciated!


Can you post some screenshots of the way you have the refresh button defined?  Action framework sequences?  URL redirect properites? Etc…

You might alos be able to do this if the queue is updating models and components on the same page.  If that is the case,  when you save the detail record,  have that action also requery the model that drives your queue list and it will be updated with the new values. 

It can be pretty slick… 

Hi Rob,
Thanks for the reply. Below is a screenshot showing the Actions and Queries for the button.

I didn’t add any URL Redirects. It’s pretty basic, which is probably the problem.
!( 2 inline.png “Image:\_images/1337788/RackMultipart20151230-24377-12vwj02-Screen\_Shot\_2015-12-30\_at\_10.11.05\_AM\_\_2\_\_inline.png?1451488544”)