Reference field search suggestions jumble with field names

I have a mobile page that has a reference field “patient”. When you begin typing the name of the patient, the search suggestions pop up below the field with no background color and display over top of the field below. (Image attached). I can create some space between the reference field and the next, but if there are several suggestions, they will spill down over the next field anyway. Is there a way to get a white background to the search suggestions? In the attached image, you will see hypothetical patient, Rocky Balboa’s name jumbled with the field below…

What version of skuid are you on?   We saw that in some mobile themes for a while,  but I’m pretty sure we’ve fixed it.  Get on a current version of skuid and then go into your themes page.  If you see the “update themes” button - definitely push that guy and then save.  That will probably fix the issue. 

That did it! I was on 7.16. I updated to 7.24 and updated the out of date themes. It is solved now. Banzai is great, BTW. Thanks!