Reference field of REST model is not working with filters

Defect/Issue Description:
If a Reference field is set up on REST model, and a filter is set up to look at that field, the filter will Autocomplete filter (no choice), and if user attempts to type something Skuid will throw an error.

If he Steps bellow can be repeated for Ui-Only and SF model an error will not be thrown. This error only happens with REST models.


  • API Version: v2
  • Release: Chicago
  • Release version: 14.4.15
  • Platform: Salesforce

Action Performed:

  1. Create a REST model with a (any) valid source
  2. Set up a UI-Only reference field.
  3. Set up the Reference part of the created field
  4. Create a filter (or a table with a with filter) where it’s pointing at the field we created
  5. Press on the filter so it allows you to type
  6. It should display a list of first 20~ options.
  7. Attempt to type anything.

Expected Result:
The displayed options for the filter should update the available options to select and display them.

Actual Result:
Error messages are shown and make page unusable.

Additional Resources: