Reference field not rolling back to previous value after Cancel models - Skuid Summer '14 RC6

When invoking a Model cancel, reference fields are not re-displaying the previous value. Instead, the field is empty and if you toggle to edit mode on the field, the Id of the underlying object is displayed instead. I did confirm that both the Id & Name of the referenced object are in the model. Steps to reproduce: 1) Create page that contains a reference field (e.g. Account with ParentId) 2) Preview page choosing an existing record 3) Go in to edit mode on reference field and remove the value (e.g. select the text and hit delete key) 4) Click “cancel” button Actual Result: Reference field display area is empty Expected Behavior: Reference field should display previous value


Thanks for reporting this. We’ve logged this as a bug, and we’ll try to get it addressed in an upcoming release.

Hey J - This appears to be resolved in the 5.8 release. Can you confirm?