Ref field passed Name instead of ID in url redirect (since Banzai)

We upgraded our prod instance to Banzai yesterday.  Since then we had an old piece of logic break (I’ve fixed it, so no emergency.)

We have an integration with Big Machines (Oracle) CPQ.  Quote records are related back to the Opportunity using a reference lookup field.

When a quote is cloned, it uses a url re-direct and passes over the original quote ID and the parent Opp ID.

Our url looks like this:

where the BigMachines_Opportunity__c is a ref field back to the parent Opp.  After Banzai, the Opp Name was being passed in the url instead of the ID.  We did have the ID selected in the model.  We’ve been using this url re-direct since January without issue until now.

I changed it to:

And it is back to working.  I just wanted to bring your attention to this - not sure if this is expected behavior.  We’re also trying to think where else we may have done this in our Org so we can fix those places as well.

Thanks Chandra.  We’ll look into this.  We have had other reports of parameter issues with Banzai. Appreciate the detail. 

Chandra - I cannot replicate this behavior.  Can you let me know what version of Skuid you are running? 

OK - we’ve got 2 examples in 2 different sandboxes.  I’m sending you an email with access rights and org IDs. And we’re on 7.16.1 in all three instances.

We did identify a regression that will be fixed in the next Banzai update. 


This is fixed as of Banzai Update 3 (7.17+) which should be available for install very soon. Thanks for helping us chase down issues like this one!


I just upgraded from Banzai (8.15.15) to Brooklyn (9.5.10), and I’m experiencing exactly what Chandra expressed, although I’m passing parameters to a page include not a url redirect.
The page include is getting the Name value of the reference field instead of the Id.